Gentle Sleep Training Tips for Newborns

Sleep training often receives criticism, but it doesn't have to involve letting your baby cry it out. In this blog, we'll explore gentle sleep training techniques that prioritize both your baby's comfort and your peace of mind. Let's create a positive sleep environment for your little one!

Supporting Newborn Sleep: During the newborn phase, focus on supporting your baby to sleep and extending naps.
Establish a healthy sleep foundation early on by providing the comfort and care your newborn needs.

Age-Appropriate Wake Windows: Utilize age-appropriate wake windows from day one.
Understand that wake windows play a crucial role in baby sleep, impacting both naps and overnight rest.

Eat, Play, Sleep Routine: Follow an Eat, Play, Sleep routine from the newborn stage.
This helps prevent a strong association between feeding and sleep, ensuring a positive sleep training experience.

Introduction to Crib Naps: Consider offering crib naps early on, especially if room-sharing.
Familiarize your baby with their nursery to make it a comfortable and non-foreign place.

Focus on Daytime Naps: Prioritize good daytime naps on the day you decide to start sleep training. Avoiding over tiredness helps in making the bedtime process smoother.

Bedtime Routine and Independence: Stick to your regular bedtime routine.
Lay your baby down fully awake, giving hugs and kisses before leaving the room.
Monitor your baby closely, ensuring they are soothing and responding positively to the process.

Remember, every baby is unique, and it's essential to find an approach that works best for both you and your little one. Sleep training can be a positive and rewarding experience when done with love and consideration. Sweet dreams!

Started Sleep Training And Not Seeing The Results You Want To See?

This blog will help you identify why.

Navigating the 'Paci-Pong' Nights: The paci may be a sleep crutch and your baby can’t figure out how to fall asleep completely on their own without it.

Is Your Baby's Schedule Affecting Their Sleep? Remember, a well-tailored schedule is key to successful sleep training, addressing both daytime and nighttime sleep challenges.

Uncovering the Source of Sleep Discomfort: Could Your Baby's Sleep Challenges Be Linked to Reflux or Stomach Issues? babies with reflux or stomach issues may experience discomfort, leading to irritation during sleep. If you've noticed signs of discomfort in your baby's sleep, exploring and addressing these issues could be key to improving their restful nights.

Keep in mind: Sleep training is not a linear process! We're working with unique individuals, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Even when you're doing everything right, results may not be ✨perfect✨. No need to panic! Every baby's sleep journey is distinct. When you work with me, we'll navigate the challenges and have you and your little one sleeping better in no time.

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